1. He Never, Ever, Leaves Me Alone—Your friendship with your dog means you never have to feel alone again. He makes it clear you will never have to take even one step without him. Whether you walk to the computer or across the living room, he is closer than a shadow. So close you have to be careful not to step on his paws.

2. He is My Bathroom Hero--He watches over your safety in the bathroom. He has taught you not to close the door tightly or he'll throw his body against it and start scratching. He knows he can't save you if you're not in his line of vision. Your hero has made it clear to leave the door open a crack. That way he can use his nose to push the door all the way open, smile at you , and wag his tail.

3. He Loves Sharing Meals--He shares food. Your food. When you're seated at the table he comes over and rests his chin on your lap. If that doesn't work, his head burrows through and pops up in the space under your arm when you're about to take a bite.

4. Time Means Nothing to Him—You can't wait to run home for one of his hugs even if it's only been 20 minutes since you saw him last. He can't wait either. When he hears your keys he runs up to wait at the door. When you open it he stands up on his hind legs, and reaches his front paws towards you for a hug. He does that even if it's only been five minutes.

5. He Isn't Afraid of Feet--He takes excellent care of your feet. After a long walk in the morning you get in the bathtub and he trots in after you . You dangle your foot over the side of the tub and he rushes to lick it. And lick it. And lick it.

6. I Can Read Him With a Look--He has taught you a secret language. If he gnashes his teeth together like a snapping turtle it means he'd like you to look up so he can gaze into your eyes. If he sits perched at your feet and lets out a long, slow whimper he is looking out for you. He's saying you've been working too many hours and will feel much better if you take a break and scratch behind his ears.

7. He Is Never Too Shy to Make a Fuss--He whips his tail in circles like a propeller when he sees you.

8. He Respects My Sleep--He waits until you stir from sleep before he pounces on your chest, leans into your face, and smothers you with kisses because he knows it's good for you.

9. He Keeps Me Warm--He keeps you warm in the winter. By plastering his body against you, he saves you from having to buy a heating pad.

10. He Wears a Cape—Your dog makes sacrifices to make your Halloweens joyful. He lets you put a costume on him because he knows it makes you happy.