1. Sneakers for everyday wear--Your feet should be comfortable, but sneakers outside the gym just look sloppy and careless. Young people get away with it, but there are more stylish options when you're older. These include loafers or driving moccasins for men and low-heeled pumps with cushioned soles for women. Wedge-soled shoes are a comfortable alternative to high heels.

2. Baggy pants—Young men look trendy in high-waisted, loose-fitting jeans, but this style screams old on anyone else. For women, the rear end tends to flatten with age, causing pants to fit loosely in the rear. And front-pleated pants for women generally are unflattering and ­unstylish. Spend the time to find pants that fit well or get a tailor. Well-fitting clothes make you look slimmer and younger.

3. Boring colors--Skin tone gets duller with age, so the colors you wear should bring light to your face. If you are a woman who has worn black for years, it may be too harsh for you now. Brown makes men fade into the woodwork. Avoid neon brights, but be open to the rest of the color spectrum.

4. Boring glasses and jewelry--Men and women should have some fun with glasses. It's a great way to update your look and make it more modern. Tell your optician what you're looking for, or bring a stylish friend with you. As for jewelry, wearing a large piece or multiple bracelets adds great style and youth to your look.

5. Turtlenecks--You may think a ­turtleneck hides a sagging neck and chin, but it is more likely to draw attention to jowls. Use a loosely draped scarf. A scarf is the single best item to help a woman look thinner, taller, prettier and more chic.]

6. Stiff or one-tone hair--Overly styled hair looks old-­fashioned. Hair that's a solid block of color looks unnatural and harsh. Women need layers around the face for softness. As for color, go for subtle highlights in front and a slightly darker tone toward the back. Also keep in mind that gray hair can be beautiful, modern and sexy. Men who dye their hair should allow a bit of gray at the temples because it looks more natural. But avoid a comb-over or a toupee. A man who tries to hide a receding hairline isn't fooling anyone, he just looks insecure. Treat thinning hair as a badge of honor. Either keep it neatly trimmed or shave the whole head.

7. Missing (or bushy) eyebrows--Women's eyebrows tend to disappear with age. Men's are more likely to grow wild. Women should use eyebrow pencil, powder or both to fill in ­fading brows. Men, make sure that your barber or hair stylist trims your eyebrows regularly.

8. Deeply tanned skin--Baby boomers grew up getting suntans using baby oil and sun reflectors. Now pale is the norm. A dark tan not only dates you, it increases your risk for skin cancer and worsens wrinkling. Wear a hat and sunscreen to shield your skin from sun damage.

9. Less-than-white teeth--Yellowing teeth add decades to your appearance. Everyone's teeth get yellower with age, but with so many teeth-whitening products available, there is no excuse to live with off-color teeth.

10. Women: Nude or beige hose--Nude stockings on women look out-of-date. Bare legs are the norm now for young women, but they are not a good option for older women who have dark veins.

11. Poor-fitting bra--Get a bra that fits. Most women don't know that bra size changes as your body does. Giving your breasts a lift will make you look younger and trimmer.

12. Excess makeup--Thick foundation, heavy eyeliner, bright blusher and red lipstick all add years to your face. Use a moisturizing foundation and dab it only where ­needed to even out skin tone. The idea is to have fun putting yourself together. That personal style will show that you are getting better with age.