Culled from the experiences of real pilots, flight attendants, airline staff, ground crew, and TSA officials, these are the reasons logical people are afraid to fly and even the most seasoned traveler should be at least a bit skeeved out by this list of awful things that happen on planes. 

    1)  Somebody Has Probably Changed a Diaper On Your Tray Table

    2) Guidelines Exist for the Amount of Screws a Plane Is Allowed to Fly Without

    3) If There's A Bomb Threat While Flying Over An Ocean, You Probably Won't Hear About It

    4) Even the Headphones in Wrappers Have Probably Been Used

    5) Flight Attendants Are Using Their Cell Phones During the Flight

    6) Nobody Washes the Blankets or Pillows
    “ Enjoy your scabies."

    7) Some Airline Employees Don't Get Paid Until the Flight's in the Air

    8) Pilots Get Served Different Meals in Case of Food Poisoning

    9) Plane Water Is Disgusting And Possibly Poop-Filled

    10) If You Breathe from the Oxygen Bags for More Than 15 Minutes, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time
    “ The oxygen masks on planes only supply 15-20 minutes of oxygen…."

    11) Pilots Routinely Nod Off During Long Flights

    12) Planes Are Frequently Struck by Lightning
    “ Better the plane that you."

    13) People Steal the Under Seat Life Jackets

    14) The Toilets Can Be Unlocked from the Outside

    15) Some Flight Attendants Delay Food Service On Night Flights Until More People Fall Asleep
    “ Less work for them."

    16) The Emergency Door Handles Are There So Flight Attendants Aren't Pushed Out

    17) If Your Bag Vibrates for Any Reason, You Will Be Called Out to Have It Examined
    “ Moral of the story: take the batteries out of your vibrating toys before you fly."

    18) The Walkways Are Lit for Emergencies, Not Atmosphere