It's great when your best friend falls in love. However, it's not always easy to be happy for an adorable couple when you're very blatantly the third wheel during an outing. Here are 10 struggles that every third wheel knows to be true, courtesy of Buzzfeed (for the full list, check out the link):


  • You are constantly being disappointed by your BFF because your quality time is always shared with their significant other.

  • Every time you go out to eat you have no choice but to sit alone on the other side of the booth.

  • A lot of the times you will just stare into the distance and question your own love life.

  • Splitting checks is always a very awkward and shameful moment.

  • Going to amusement parks is the worst because it’s a 100 percent guarantee that you will be alone or be stuck with some random person.

  • Having to witness all the PDA.

  • When you go walking around town, you are always seen following them like a sad puppy on a leash.

  • Your conversations with them always end up being an intervention on your love life.

  • You have to constantly remind your friends that being single is a cool lifestyle.

  • You regret going out with them 98 percent of the time.