Happy Friday, folks! In honor of the weekend being upon us, E! has compiled a list of 21 things that drunk people never understand. Here are 10 that we are very familiar with (for the full list, check out the link):


  1. Why your ex doesn't want to talk right now.

  2. Why the DJ refuses to play every single song you request in the order you request them, even though you clearly have the best musical taste in the club and everything the DJ is playing is garbage.

  3. Why people won't give you ample room on the dance floor to express yourself.

  4. Why the bouncer won't let you take your drink to-go when the bar closes.

  5. Why restaurants close before 2:00 a.m. There is a demand, why is there no supply?!

  6. Why fast-food joints don't deliver.

  7. How to take your contacts out.

  8. What an indoor voice is.

  9. How to pose for pictures.

  10. Why there's such a long line for the bathroom.