Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 22 things that happen when you get into a new relationship. Here are 10 highlights (for the full list, check out the link): 


  • You have the inevitable “Facebook official” conversation.

  • You don’t have to introduce them to people as “My frieeeeeeend?” anymore.

  • Your laptop is no longer the only thing on the other side of the bed.

  • Getting stoked whenever you make plans together, even when it’s just a trip to the drugstore or Chipotle.

  • You wait for their every text, call, or email and you still get giddy when their name pops up on the screen.

  • When you go out with their friends, you try your best to get them to like you.

  • They start to appear more and more in your Instagram feed.

  • You have the "When is it really our anniversary?” conversation -- your first date or when you first matched on Tinder?

  • You become that annoying couple in public and you secretly love it.

  • You risk dropping the L-bomb too early with every drunk call or text.