"I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger." Don't we all, Rod; don't we all. E! writer Jenna Mullins just turned 30, and to honor the occasion, she came up with a list of 30 things she wishes she could tell her younger self. Here are 10 of them (click on the link for all 30):


  1. High school popularity truly doesn't matter.
  2. You go to college to find your bridesmaids, not your husband.
  3. Your mother is almost always right.
  4. Take care of your teeth.
  5. Being the wasted party girl stops being cool after college.
  6. Take naps.
  7. Start that 401k immediately.
  8. You do not need a relationship to feel complete.
  9. Learn a different language.
  10. Don't bleach your hair.