We’ve all explored the idea of humans having a sixth sense.  The reality is your body is loaded with extra sensory you don’t even realize using.  Here are a few examples:

5)  You sense a fake smile ... Before it happens! – You process non-verbal cues faster than verbal ones.

4)  Women smell when other women ovulate – And often times, the woman don’t get along well.  This is due to spiked testosterone levels.

3)  Women have ability to spot a cheater just looking ... and get a whiff of his STDs – An Australian University did an intense study on this with two groups.  Cheaters and non-cheaters.  It was shocking how a majority of the women were dead on!

2)  You Can Smell Fattier Food, Even if the Difference Is Minute – Scientists found the body can literally tell the difference between higher and lower calorie food just by smell.

1)  Your Sense of Touch Can Feel a Zit on a Gnat's Ass – Yep, turns out our fingers are so used to fiddling with little tiny things that we can sense physical detail at the nano-level.