1. The Freedom To Just Get Up And Go—You'll miss being able to just hang around with girlfriends and guy friends during the day and just do nothing with them and not have to worry about checking in. You'll miss not having to pay attention to the phone.

2. Getting My Number Up—You'll wish you would have been more promiscuous.

3. Having A Good Cry—You'll miss when you felt so good to cry for no reason.

4. Having The Bed To Myself--"You'll really miss having room to sprawl out in the bed and not have to deal with someone else hogging the pillows and the comforter. Snuggling is a huge plus, but you'll miss those nights to yourself.

5. Me-Time--Whether it was time to yourself or time to hang out with friends, you'll miss being able to spend your time how you wanted to, without feeling guilty for it or worrying that you weren't spending enough time with your love.