Sometimes we mistakenly think are favorite celebrities have personality traits similar to our favorite characters that they portray on the big screen or on TV. That isn't the case. Sometimes the actors and actresses that have stolen your heart in your favorite rom-com or sitcom are actually not such wonderful people.

Check out these celebrities who have a reputation for being completely unpleasant both on and off set. You definitely don't want to work with these famous folks:

  • Mike Myers: He's super funny, but he isn't as lovable as his characters make him out to be. He has a reputation for being a high-maintenance control freak. 
  • Katherine Heigl: Criticizing people she has worked with, rude behavior and outrageous demands led to this actress's decline from a Hollywood A-lister to a non-speaking role in a commercial for cold medicine. How the mighty have fallen! Katherine is almost as well known for her rants as she is for her roles.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: It isn't hard to imagine no one wants to work with her – she seems to have lost touch with reality! Among her most ridiculous demands, Paltrow requires that someone dry the shower at the gym before she uses it ... so she doesn't have to come in contact with the previous person’s water. And on the set of Iron Man 2 she reportedly avoided Scarlett Johansson to the extent that the two of them never spoke a word.
  • Russell Crowe: He has made quite a name for himself with his drunken fights, threats, and insulting people on Twitter.
  • Val Kilmer: Remember how hot he was in Top Gun?! Then his bad attitude arrived on set and now he stars in B movies that are barely watchable. (CelebZen)