CHECKLIST: Check for rats before you sit on the toilet

A Portland, Ore man woke up in the middle of the night and found a rat swimming in his toilet.

He woke up to a scratching sound and thought it was just his cat messing around in the bathroom.

But when he lifted the lid to his toilet, he saw “this furry little guy with beady eyes” looking right at him.He immediately slammed the lid and Googled what to do with a rat in the toilet.

He placed 20 books on the seat and left it until morning. When he woke up, the rat was gone.

The county says it responds to about 20-30 calls about rats in toilets every year. Older sewer systems flood sending rats into side lines and eventually into homes.

Sometimes bigger rats will chase smaller rats—rats eat each other—and the smaller rat will escape by swimming up into the home.