An Oregon man was sent to jail over the weekend after he admitted to cyberstalking his stepdaughter, slashing her roommates tires and taking over her social media accounts.

Dad says he wanted her to stop partying.... and didn't like the guy she was dating.

He set up a fake email account and used a false name to stalk her. He also guessed the passwords to her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. He stole pictures from her personal computer as well.

The man used the fake email and posed as her boyfriend's brother to make threats so she would stop seeing the man.

He followed through in November on a threat to post embarrassing pictures on her Instagram if she didn't stop partying. He also broke into her apartment and poured a bottle of tequila on the ground.

He has been charged with burglary, identity theft, computer crime, felony coercion, theft and criminal mischief.