What better time to undertake an unpleasant task like cleaning house than when you're totally hammered?! Sure, you might not do as good a job, but it'll definitely be more fun, right? Well, mostly, writes Buzzfeed, in coming up with its list of 17 reasons why drunk cleaning is the best. Here are seven of them (click on link for full list):


  1. Cleaning is way more productive than drunk-texting your ex.
  2. Drinking automatically makes things less annoying.
  3. Drinking gives you new, innovative ideas for how to clean.
  4. You can drink while you clean.
  5. Drinking is the ideal way to get over that procrastination hump.
  6. Life's too short not to multitask.
  7. Because when you wake up hungover the next day, the last thing on the planet you'll want to do is clean.