Xbox One--Price: $499--Microsoft's Xbox One comes with the motion-detection Kinect sensor, an impressive lineup of games between now and March and partnerships with the National Football League, most major cable companies and Steven Spielberg, who will be making a live-action Halo series available to Xbox Live subscribers in the future. It may have gotten some negative feedback at first, but Microsoft has made policy changes to please gamers.

PlayStation 4--Price: $399--Sony's console focuses heavily on independent game makers. It also has its own extensive catalog of successful franchises. Also, Sony has a social option that gives gamers the ability to share game footage with friends. Also, the PS4 will suggest games you might enjoy.

Samsung UHD TV--Price: $3,500--UHD—or ultra high-definition—TVs are the next big thing in the television industry. There's a problem, though. There's no 4K content available right now and it may be a while before there is. UHD sets are great for people who want the best in their home theaters, but for the rest of us, there are lower-priced options for terrific 1080p sets.

Kindle Fire HDX--Price: $229-$579 --If the iPad is the tablet for business people, the Kindle Fire is the tablet for entertainment junkies. It has a beautiful display, a phenomenal battery life and a powerful quad-core processor driving things.

Chromecast--Price: $35--Google's plug-in streaming video device came out of nowhere this year, but it's a great stocking stuffer for techies. Just plug the gadget into a high-definition TV to stream YouTube, Netflix and other online content services, and you'll be able to control channels and other options with a smartphone. It's a low-priced alternative to Apple TV and the Roku box, which also are great streaming devices to consider.

Dish Hopper with Sling--Price: Varies on subscription package--Dish Network's Hopper might seem odd, but the system won Best of Show at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The ability to skip commercials on selected programming is nice, and the added ability to let customers watch live programming on any channel they subscribe to on their phone or tablet is useful for people on the go.