For kids, summer vacation is the three short months of sunny freedom they’ve been waiting for all school year. For parents, it’s three very long months of sleepless nights, kids to control and hours of trying to find a parking spot in the shade. In other words, the End of Days. Here, Motherhood WTF? describes 10 ways that summer vacation is like a zombie apocalypse: 


  1. Your neighborhood and home are overrun with grimy, mindless eating machines. 
  2. Panic driven citizens clear grocery shelves of bottled water, beer and popsicles. 
  3. Chaos and destruction become the new norm. 
  4. So. Much. Dread. 
  5. Everyone is trying to get out of the city at the same time. 
  6. In order to survive the day you need provision and a plan. 
  7. Your friends disappear. 
  8. A day out invariably involves bites and burned flesh. 
  9. You keep a baseball bat in your car. Just in case. 
  10. You want to hide from them, but you can’t.