1. You're not getting dragged to holiday parties you don't want to go to.

2. At any party you're less than amped to attend (or parties at which your exes might be present), you can leave whenever you want and not wait around for your significant other to be ready to go.

3. You can follow any holiday diet you've ever dreamed of and you don't need to cook. No need to make sure you're "still eating well" and having balanced meals. Eat candy and hot chocolate all day! Have a really late dinner! It's Christmas!

4. You don't have to buy expensive, meaningless gifts for a significant other's family.

That $200 you would have spent on a purse for your boyfriend's mom can go straight to facials and booze.

5. You don't have to spend the holidays with his family and friends.

6. You can watch as many crappy made-for-TV Christmas movies as you want.

7. You can have a magic first-date kiss in the snow.  Maybe you just met a guy at a holiday party. No matter how unromantic, snowfall turns even the drunkest encounter into a Hollywood movie and it's even better because you don't know where your relationship with him is headed yet.

8. You can blast embarrassing Christmas albums without judgment.