There’s a new iPhone app called “Moments” that lets celebrities reply directly to Facebook users, who write a message about them.
Celebs like Mariah Carey and Samuel L. Jackson are using the new app to 'status bomb' users, and Whoopi Goldberg even used the app to tell a critic why his opinion was wrong about her.
The critic said: 'Whoopi Goldberg - cool. Any film she's ever been in ever - not cool.'
To his surprise Whoopi wrote back, 'You are entitled to your opinion. But "color purple" is a great movie, "Long Walk Home", I've made about 80. Have you seen them all? "Lion king?" [sic]'
He replied: 'That'll teach me. Color Purple was epic. I'll get my coat...'
Mariah Carey also used the app after a journalist tagged her, saying that the singer had said hello to his mother. She replied, 'Brian we see you dahhhling!! Ps love to your mom.'
Samuel L. Jackson responded to a fan who posted that he saw him at Comic Con, replying, 'I'm still here m*********!'