A south Florida middle school teacher has been suspended after assigning explicit song lyrics as homework to her students.

An 8th grade English teacher printed out and distributed uncensored lyrics to rapper Lil Wayne's song "Six Foot Seven Foot."

One angry mom says her son was told by the teacher to underline examples of figurative language.

The rap lyrics include f-bombs, racial slurs to sexual innuendos... as well as violence.


According to the school's headmaster Wayne Owens:

"The lesson was for students to learn to identify literary devices. The teacher had already introduced Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. Students were having difficulty grasping the concepts of literary devices such as: pun, simile, metaphor, so the teacher used colloquial material. This material did not meet the school's standards and was not approved. The teacher recognizes that it was totally inappropriate for a school assignment".


The teacher was suspended for three days.