Have you ever thought about having a "friend with benefits?" When you bring your bestie into the bedroom, you could be worried that it'll ruin your friendship, but according to researchers, that's not the case.

Studies suggest that most friendships don't end after adding a physical element.

The benefit of hooking up with a friend over a stranger for casual sex is that there is already some familiarity, trust and intimacy that you can't find with a stranger. It's almost like a light version of being in a committed relationship.

Even though friends with benefits get a kind of trial run at being your significant other, there's only a 10-20% chance of your relationship actually turning into something substantial. It seems like if you wanted to be together you would have done it before you had the chance to become friends in the first place.

Most often than not, friends with benefits transition back to being friends and remain just as close as before, or maybe just slightly not as close. It's only about 15% of the time that you are no longer friends with that person and in some cases - about 10% of the time you actually end up becoming closer.