Would you classify yourself as "highbrow?" Here are signs that you're as highbow as they come. 

1. When someone asks if you expect everything you ever want to come with a giant red bow on it, your answer is "yes"
2. Tap water is fine for the common people, but it's really not for you.
3. And you have an opinion or two about cabs, busses, and other general population carriers.
4. You're most likely "old money," and the well never runs dry.
5. And you literally don't know what to do in situations where people don't take $50 or $100 bills.
6. You knew how to tie a tie before you knew how to tie your shoelaces.
7. Your family has lived in your hometown as far as you can trace back.
8. You were raised in a cult — we mean, went to a private school…
9. …which helped you develop a myriad of interests. Namely drinking.
10. You don't like to talk business, but when you do, it's always on the green.
11. All your friends are constantly hitting you up for your connections, and you're just like - "no"
12. You were born with permanent BRF (B*tchy Resting Face), and it's how you show disdain, approval, or any other emotion really.
13. You know better than anyone that's it's SO hard to get good help these days.
14. Your skin actually burns at the thought of mixed fabrics and imitation pieces.
15. You suffer (happily) from PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome), and when people tell you to "grow up," you're just like "why"
16. You only get out of bed in the morning to answer the call of the mimosa.