According to career site, one in five employees have had their careers hurt by a boss. Usually, this is because bad bosses lead to bad performance.

So, which bosses are the worst? HR pros and academics who study workforce management say there are a few that stand out:


1. The "crooked politician:"--Politically skilled leaders are perceived to be more ethical than politically unskilled leaders. But even if your own ethics don't lapse, your motivation probably will.  Examples include employees becoming disillusioned and losing their passion for their work when they draw the conclusion that their bosses cheated their way to their positions.

2. The bully: The only thing worse than another kid stealing your lunch money is working for one of those bullies. Bully bosses have enough social skills to figure out what they need to get to get ahead on the job. In their drive to the top, they don't care who they run over. Even if you're not the bully's target, your work is likely to suffer.

3. The micromanager: What drives micromanaging bosses is a desire for control, so much that they insist on being cc'd on your email correspondence or make you wait while they put their own touches on your proposal. This kind of bad boss isn't trying to ruin your life, but they can because they are trying to hard to control you.

4. The workaholic: It shouldn't surprise anyone that working under a supervisor who's never heard of the term "work-life balance" is bad for you. HR software company BambooHR says 39% of employees work more than 40 hours a week, and that we're working an average of 11 hours a week more than we did back in the 1970s. A close cousin of the workaholic boss is the technophile, the one who emails you at 10 pm. on a Sunday night and expects an answer back immediately — or who will email, then follow up almost immediately with an instant message to see if you've checked your email yet.

5. The BFF: This kind of boss can be tough to recognize at first, but once you're sucked in, that friendly relationship can turn into a war. The BFF boss has no concept of boundaries, which means their bad day can become your bad day. Instead of learning from them, you become their sound-board-slash-therapist.