Food is great and all, but some foods aren't as great as people claim they are. To wit, Post Grad Problems has come up with the following list of five incredibly overrated foods:


1. Quinoa. It’s a magical mystery food that’s like rice, except hard and bitter and almost inedible. But hey, it has protein!

2. Salad. Think back to the last really awesome salad you had. How much of that was because of the salad and how much of that was because of the fried chicken, bacon, cheese, croutons, and fatty dressing?

3. Cronuts. I don’t care if it’s the single greatest sweet treat ever created, nothing in the world is worth waiting in line hours for, except for maybe a chance to meet Sam Elliot.

4. Lobster. You liking lobster has nothing to do with lobster. Lobster is okay. Butter sauce, however, is incredible. 

5. Chipotle. Chipotle is great for a $7, corporate, fast-serve burrito, but we should probably remember that ultimately, it’s still just a $7, corporate, fast-serve burrito.