If you’re thinking of going your separate ways but don’t want to make things worse or if you’re the one getting jilted, here are most common humiliating ways to get dumped.

Social media

That moment when you check your partner’s Facebook page and they are no longer ‘in a relationship’ but ‘single’ or they tweet you and tell you it’s over.

Email/ text

He sends you an impersonal text or email, and doesn’t even bother to tell you to your face.

Ignoring you

This is a trick that was pulled on high school girlfriends, not in an adult relationship. Be relieved that you can go out and find a man of your own mental age! 

Using a friend

He doesn’t even have the courage to tell you to your face, but instead gets one of your friends involved.

Running off with your best mate

Not only do you lose your partner but also your best friend- there is nothing more humiliating. You are left with no one you can talk to about it and find it hard to trust again.

Stood up at family event

Everyone asks where he is and why he’s not there, and you don’t want to tell them that you were stood up so you have to make up some excuse as to why they couldn’t make it.

Jilted on your anniversary

He could have done it before you got your hair done, but at least you still look good.