When a hangover strikes, the last person you want to deal with is anyone other than yourself. But some day-after-drunk interactions are worse than others. Hence, Post Grad Problems has come up with a list of the nine worst people you deal with when your'e hungover. They are:


1. The Brunch DJ. Of all the places a DJ would be appropriate, brunch would place somewhere in the neighborhood of funerals and a 7 a.m. subway train.


2. Your Parents. Your current panic attack will only be aided by the sheer panic of seeing a missed call plus voicemail from your mother. Who died? Are you cutting me off? Are you and dad getting a divorce?


3. Law Enforcement. There’s nothing worse than seeing flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror on a three-plus hour drive home from a weekend bender with your buddies in NOLA or Memphis.


4. The Person In Front Of You At the Drive-Thru Who Is Taking Forever. The whale in front of you is apparently under the impression that Taco Bell’s menu has magically changed overnight. If you take more than 30 seconds to decide what you want from a menu that has not changed in the last 10 years, you are a minion of Satan himself.


5. The Chatty Pizza Guy. Unfortunately, the loneliest pizza man in the city has delivered your pizza. “Nice place you got here. I wish I had a place like this, but my ex-wife took all my money and the kids.” Shut up. Please just shut up.


6. The Person Who Thinks They’re The Most Hungover. You drank six Michelob Ultras and had one shot of Fireball. You’re hardly an alcoholic. Two Advils, a Gatorade and you’re going to be in fine shape. Deal with the pain and kindly shut your mouth.


7. The Guy Who Wants To Start Drinking Again. You do not want to be the guy who shows up on a patio at 11 a.m. to drain what’s left of their bank account on an eight-hour vodka/water bender and suffer the consequences Monday morning.


8. Your Upstairs Neighbor Who Is Somehow Awake And Loudly Moving Furniture. Yes, you paid an extra $200 a month for hardwood floors and just got that new leather sectional, but did you really have schedule delivery for 8 a.m.? You have no soul.