Being blunt has its benefits, as any blunt person will no doubt tell you (bluntly). Here's Buzzfeed's list of 21 reasons why it's good to be blunt (check the link for the full list): 


  • Your friends always come to you for an honest opinion. 

  • You don't let anyone get away with catcalling you. 

  • Sometimes your honesty leads to you being called a "b**ch" or "a**hole." 

  • You often find yourself asking, "Do you want the truth, or do you want what you want to hear?" 

  • Your lack of a filter hurts people's feelings on occasion. 

  • Your friends offer disclaimers or apologies to other people before introducing them to you. 

  • You know that being truthful and being mean are two totally different things. 

  • You've had to tone it down a couple notches so that you don't lose all of your friends. 

  • At times, your honesty has been mistaken for sarcasm. 

  • Sometimes you literally think out loud without even realizing it.