A new app called Roamio or Else claims to prevent 'box set cheating' by the people you're supposed to be watching TV shows with.

The app has been created by TiVo, and it sends a playful message to you if your friends or partner gets ahead of you and watches TV episodes alone.

According to a study by the company, almost 80 percent of digital video recorder owners follow at least one TV series with their partner, while just over half have secretly watched episodes alone.

Just over one third of those surveyed said they would admit to skipping ahead solo if they were caught watching an episode they were not supposed to, with 70 percent of people saying they could not easily forgive their partner for watching the show without them.

The app uses funny e-postcards to warn people away from box set cheating with messages like 'If you watch The Voice without me, I won't turn around my chair, EVER.'