Lifestyle blog WaitButWhy has plotted the life of an average American week-by-week,using data from the latest US census.

CONCLUSION:   The majority of our lives will be spent on one focus: work.


From the day we step into Elementary school at age 5, to our retirement at the national average age of 62, we will spend almost 3,000 weeks - 73per cent of our lives - learning or working; and only 1,095 weeks being an infant or retired.

As for major milestones:

Driving: becomes legal when you are 15 - or under certain circumstances in South Dakota, as young as 13 - followed a few years later by new perks.

By the time you are 18 - 939 weeks into your life - the government believes you have learned enough along your way to enable you to smoke cigarettes, fight in a war, vote, and be legally tried as an adult. You can also purchase a shotgun or rifle.

A whole 156 weeks later, you can finally drink legally.

When a woman reaches the age of 25 - 1,304 weeks into her life – she’s ready to birtha new one. Men wait a little longer, until they are 28, before becoming fathers.

Couples are also getting married around the same age as they’re having babies - women at 26 and men at 28 - but a large number aren’t tying the knot until later, if at all. According to Pew research, just 20per cent of adults ages 18 to 29 are married today, compared with almost 60per cent in 1960.

Half of those who do wed will end up getting divorced, and the average length they will stick it out before doing so is 417 weeks, or eight years.

If we have made it all the way through college, we spent 17 years, or 887 weeks, being educated, to propel us into a 40-year-long career. And during the course of this career,most Americans will switch jobs every four and a half years.

For Millennials - born between 1977 and 1997 - it's even less. Around 91per cent will stay in a job for less than three years, meaning they will end up with between 15 and 20 different jobs under their belts by the time they retire.

The average woman will die at age 81, and the average man will shuffle off the mortal coil five years before that, at 76. The average retirement is 16 years, or 834 weeks of hard-earned leisure.