What you like to put in your mouth says a lot about your sex life -- at least, according to Buzzfeed. The folks over there have put together a handy guide to 15 popular types of junk food and what your favorite says about your bedroom behavior. Here are five (for the full list, check out the link):


  • Pizza: You’re saucy. You’re incredibly confident when it comes to sex, because who wouldn’t want a slice of something so mouthwatering? Aldough you know how to fill someone up in one sitting, most love to enjoy your leftovers for days after you’ve delivered. In the oven or out, you know how to make every moment saucy.
  • French Fries: You’re a salty surprise. You’re anything but sweet between the sheets. Your salty surprises never fail to leave your lovers thirsty once you’re through with them. You’re wafflely addicting, as it’s nearly impossible to get just a taste of you. Be careful, sometimes you’re a little too hot to handle.
  • Dougnuts: You’re flavorful. Because you come in a variety of different flavors, you can satisfy almost every craving someone might have. You’re not afraid to try new things and let almost anything go on top of you. You’re always up for a good, old-fashioned filling.
  • Ice Cream: You're 100 percent lickable. Is there a tongue that wouldn’t lick you all over? Probably not, because you’re the perfect dessert after a long day. Some might call you vanilla, but you’re not afraid to bring the whipped cream into the bedroom to spice things up. When you’re finished with someone, all that’s left is a sticky, liquid mess.
  • I Don't Eat Junk Food: You’re healthy. Why did you even waste your time on this? You probably just have sex for the exercise.