The Loud Talker - Supremely Annoying, but what’s worse is that usually loud talkers travel in groups which makes it that much worse.

The Complainer -  The worst part about being next to this person is that when the wait staff they complain to is gone, they usually continue griping about it to the person they are with.

The PDA Couple – This is the couple the phrase “Get A Room” was made after.  They sit on the same side of the table and they want everyone to see how much in love they are.  They are guilty of annoying overkill.

The Absentee Parents - These Parents look pretty normal until you see the child they’re willfully neglecting running around the restaurant getting in the way of …well…everything and generally ruining everyone’s meal. Get a babysitter, or stay home.

The Guy Who Talks with His Mouth Full - The Guy Who Talks with His Mouth Full usually does a great job of grossing out everyone at his table, but to sit within view of him, even from across the room, is enough to put a damper on your meal.