From what I understand this is my last week of my second trimester… week 26!!!  Baby is supposedly the length of a pineapple!!! She weighs anywhere from 1.5-2 lbs.  She is forming little footprints and fingerprints which I can’t wait to take little photos of!!! Tiny baby hands and feet are my favorite!!! She is starting to open her eyes slowly and will begin blinking!  I wonder what the heck it looks like in there!!! While her hearing has been developing for a while now… supposedly this week it is fully formed so she can hear the difference between me and my hubbs and everyone else I talk to during the day!!! She is starting to breathe… kind of.  She is at least mimicking breathing which is good practice for when she pops out and makes her introduction to the world!  

It’s so strange how time is passing.  On one hand it feels like…. man, this pregnancy is really draggin’ a$$... on the other hand… holy moly we have less than 3 months to get everything done?!?!? What happened to the time??? One day I feel like I have a handle on things… the next I am so glad I still have a 3rd trimester to prepare! We have made some headway!!! Our crib arrived last weekend… (pics to come once the nursery is done)!  Also… baby will have a safe ride home from the hospital… our car seat is here!! Our friends Shelly and Jordan highly recommended the Orbit Baby because of its amazing swivel turn thingy… so we splurged and voila!  Come to find out… Kim Kardashian has the same one lol!


Other than that, I had ordered the Bump Nest a few months ago when I had heard a body pillow is a must during these times of hosting baby in the womb.  I slept with it a few times when I knew it wasn’t really necessary but I will say in recent weeks this thing has been a dream!! I picked this one cause of what I read online it got the best reviews and since I don’t know what the hell I am doing… I have been quite trusting of online reviews and recommendations from friends and strangers lol!!!


I definitely feel myself packing on the pounds… I know I know… there is a baby in there… whatever… it is still somewhat hard to wrap my brain around psychologically.  It’s kinda depressing to see love handles spilling over and back fat squishing over my bra etc. etc.  Now, having said that… I can’t deny the pizza and ice cream I have divulged in hahaha!!! So there is really no complaining.  Also, I know I need to suck it up because now that I am on the cusp of the 3rd trimester I am about to really gain weight.  I read that starting now I should expect to grow about ½ inch in the waist aread a week!!!! HOLY GIANT PANTS NEEDED BATMAN!  With about 14 weeks to go… I am doin’ the math and while I know that it’s entirely possible… I can not imagine 7 more inches on this waist!!! Better buy another bottle of Noodle & Boo Elasticity Oil (I love the smell of that stuff!!!)

My ribs are killin’ me smalls!!! It’s not baby’s karate chops… it’s as if my ribs are slowly but surely getting cracked open.  Pair that with my lungs getting crushed and heartburn for days… I’d say things are going pretty well!  

Don’t get me wrong…despite what sounds like a lot of complain complain wahhhh wahhhh out of me… the last few weeks have actually been bearable!  I’m not that girl who “loves being pregnant,” but I have actually gotten to the point where I can say things have really not been that bad lately.  I am actually getting really excited.  I keep thinking about how amazing it is going to be to meet our little girl!! As things around the house start to get more and more baby centric… and as she kicks my belly and lets me know she is in there… all of this gets more real, and I get super dooooper pumped!