The big 3-0… here we go… we now have 10 weeks till our due date TIME IS FLYING!!! It also seems to be going really slow at the same time haha!  Baby is supposedly about 3 pounds right about now and I think I can feel her getting bigger… or at least stronger cause WOWZA girl can pack a punch!!   Sometimes when I am laying in bed I will lift up my shirt and watch my belly while she is moving and it is the most bizaare thing to watch an arm or a leg wiggle by!!! It’s crazy!!!!   This week she has reached a big milestone… her bone marrow can now make her own red blood cells.  I’m no doctor but I know that’s pretty darn important!!! Baby can see light and stuff but her eyesight is still pretty weak at the moment.  She will be born with about 20/400 eyesight and normal vision is 20/20 which means baby girl will only be able to see objects a few inches from her face… I’m gonna have to be a super close talker for a bit until her eyes continue to develop after she leaves the womb! Haha.


Since we are broadcasting away from home this week my nesting has had to come to a complete hault… I have been thinking A LOT of all the things I still need to do… everything I need to clean… everything I need to put together and unpack and exchange and buy still!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Everyone keeps telling me all I need is somewhere for her to sleep and some onesies for her to wear.  Check on both of those but I still feel so unprepared! 


I have obviously had some time this week to focus on other things… like the incredibly uncomfortable bed that is at the place I am staying.  I literally went on a hunt for a mattress topper and bought one cause I was so miserable!!! Found a steal at Wal-Mart and I have to say… it’s the best $30 I have spent in a LOOONGG time!! Haha.  I’m not sure if it’s me getting further along in the pregnancy that is making it more and more difficult to sleep through the night or the crappy bed and the fact that I had to leave my body pillow at home… either way, I’m not a huge fan of it!!


I continue to constantly gasp for air…  as baby girl steals my air haha.  This is new this week… Now that baby is getting bigger I am painfully aware of when my posture isn’t quite right.  At times I think I can literally feel her leg digging in to my ribs if I even slouch the slightest bit.  I have adopted a new super sexy way of sitting that looks a lot like Al Bundy in Married with Children hahah… memba when he used to sit way back on the couch and put his hand just under the top of his pants?!?!?  My hands are at my side or resting on my giant belly… but you get the picture.  Putting on shoes is a laughable task where I am challenged to twist my legs in directions they aren’t meant to go so I don’t have to bend over.  I am sure there is some easier way to do it but for now I have found a way that works soooooooo I supposed I’ll stick with that.


Last week we had quite the revelation.  The hospital where we thought we were delivering at was indeed NOT the right hospital!!!  Ummm… if you recall I already had some red flags about the new doctors I had been meeting and the hospital.  I had come to a level of comfort that I was fine with… UNTIL we realized the new hospital (which wasn’t new at all we just didn’t know it was the one) is super far away and super old… and from what I have heard from doctors that worked there… isn’t super awesome… and so I started freaking out.  Luckily I got a recommendation that I was able to check out the day before I left and have now completely switched doctor’s offices!!! A crazy huge change to make at 30 weeks pregnant but a change that I think was totally necessary and a change that has actually brought a new peace about the big day!!!  Thank goodness! 


Now that I have that out of the way I can at least say I have that checked off of my long list of things to do… now as far as the others… I’ll keep working!!!