Baby is growing lots this week... in fact... the blogs say she is headed in to a growth spurt.  That freaks me out a lil' cause I already feel like there is no more room for her in there!!! At times she will move in a way where I feel like she thinks the side of my belly is an exit.... like I can practically see her head or something popping out of my skin.  It's very alien like... lol.

As baby is growing... so am I... and I definitely feel the strain on my body!!!  From sharp shooting pains in my back when I bend over or pick something up to my feet aching... I am feelin' it for sure!  With that being said... I feel like I gotta keep moving around... ya know... stay active.  I have been on vacation this week and baby has been an incredibly good sport.  We have been continuing our adventures!!! From the Alpine slide and makin' s'mores to the 16 mile bike ride we all did together, the trip was a blast!!!  

It's funny because I know everyone just has my best interest in mind but,  my family kept saying... "maybe you shouldn't do this" ... "maybe you shouldn't do that"... I was like, "ummm guys, I am pregnant... I don't have an illness LOL!!!"  I do love and appreciate that they want me and lil baby girl to be safe... I really do but, I'm payin' attention to my body... listening to the signs and feelings and I'm good.  In any case... it was awesome to spend a week with my family to celebrate my mom and step dad's 30th wedding anniversary!!!  LOVE MY FAM!!!!  So happy my wee one has such a cool extended family to grow up with. :)