If you’ve got your math hat on…that would mean I am 8 months preggs… of course since apparently you are pregnant for 40 weeks I still have 8 weeks to go.  But baby girl needs that time to start plumping up and finish developing important bodily functions. Baby girl now has a fully functioning digestive system and she is practicing some important skills she will need once she makes her big debut such as swallowing, kicking, breathing, and sucking… let’s hope she is gonna be a healthy eater!  .  She is supposedly around 4 lbs. and is quite the mover and shaker when she is awake.  It’s getting to be a tight squeeze in there so when she does start really moving I feel like my belly is re-creating a scene in a movie where an alien is about to escape from within me!! Some people say they can tell which body parts are sticking out at any given point… I am not so sure I am there yet! 


They say babies born at 32 weeks still have a super radical chance of surviving and I suppose my brother, sisters and I are all kind of a testament of that since we were all born around when my mom was 32 weeks!!! For now I am crossing my fingers she stays in the womb for a bit!  While I feel like I have been pregnant foreeeeeevver, I am still just not quite ready for her to be here… there’s still so much to do! 


I have shared with my blog world before that I had a couple of reservations with my doctors office…

-1st red flag:  was that there are so many doctors in the practice and a few of them kinda rubbed me the wrong way personality wise. Oh and the fact that I have never had a male doctor lookin’ at mah lady parts and there was a good chance that may happen for delivery… heeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


-2nd red flag: they told me we would be delivering at a “learning hospital”.  I know everyone has got to learn somewhere but maybe it’s the fact that I watched too many Grey’s Anatomy episodes that made me super uncomfortable about that.  


NOW… I had come to some sort of peace about it all in my mind and we were just going to stick with them…. UNTIL a few weeks ago at my appointment when we found out that learning hospital is SUUUUPER far away from our house!!!


- 3rd red flag: Hospital SUPER far location.  I started having flash forwards of going in to labor in the middle of rush hour and having to give birth on the side of the freeway in 100+ degree weather… not cool! Not to mention I asked a doctor friend of mine if she knew anything about the hospital… when I did her reaction was priceless.  She gave me the “oh hell no” face and said, “I used to work there and I have to be honest with you… it was pretty rough, I wouldn’t want to deliver there if I were you.”  UMMMMMM OK when a doctor tells you that… and this is the 3rd red flag that comes up… me-thinks you take that as a sign and get a new darn doctor’s office for pete’s sake!!


So after doing some research and calling around and interviewing new offices… this week we had our 1st appointment at our NEW DOCTOR’S OFFICE!!! HOOORAY!!! I had a major case of pregnancy brain though and I may have made the worst first impression ever!!! I had a sheet of paper they had given me with my appointment info on it… I even put it in my phone.  When I checked my calendar on my phone it said 3:45… and on the sheet of paper it said arrive at 3:15, 30 min before your appointment.  On my way to the appointment I got a call from the office asking if I was still coming in.  Time on the clock was 3:20… I apologized and said I knew I was supposed to be there 5 minutes ago.  The lady was super nice and said, “actually you were supposed to be here at 2:45… your appointment was at 3:15.”  AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I felt like the biggest loser!!! I hate being late to this stuff… I still had to fill out my new patient paperwork… I was still 7 minutes away!!! OHHHH NOOOOO!!!! I just said I am so so so sorry!!! Do I need to re-schedule??? I feel so stupid!!! She was so super nice and just told me to come in any way, not to worry, and that they would still see me!!! Are you serious??? That was a small miracle in my book!  PPHEEEEEEWWWWWWW!  I was so flustered and just felt terrible, but everyone at the office was so nice and our appointment went super well I just knew we had made the right decision to switch. 


So now that we can cross that lil’ task off of our list, I know it’s time to start wrapping up our preparations for our little girl to arrive.  On the to-do list for this weekend: pack a hospital bag, get sheets on the crib,  finish our shopping up for baby supplies (only a few more items needed thanks to my amazing family and friends’ generosity at my showers!!!).