Baby girl is getting close to 5 lbs. now that we’ve made it to 34 weeks!  Some time in the next 6 weeks, she will make her big debut!!! HOLY MOLY!!! That’s so sooooooon!  Since she is fattening up her skin is smoother than ever and she her muscles are also starting to mature.  She can now turn her head from side to side and other radical muscle woman-type things.  Her central nervous system is continuing to develop and baby girl will be able to take some deep breaths when she comes out cause her lungs are also on the road to bein’ rockstars. 



I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital on Friday!  During the day on Friday I was experiencing some Braxton Hicks waaaaay more than normal.  I had remembered my doc telling us if there were 6 or more an hour to be sure to call them or head over to the hospital cause that could mean pre-term labor or something like that.  I never realized how hard it was to count how many times something happens in an hour when you are running around doing things.  So until the afternoon I hadn’t really given the Hicks a fair count.  I met up with my sis-in-law at the gym and knowing we would be there for exactly an hour she said she would help me count… 5… 5 times… ok so no biggie right? 


Then it was time to get some stuff at Target… now while I was at Target… I thought I would continue to count… 6… 6 times… pretty consistently.  There was one every 10 minutes or so.  They also started to get more and more painful which I have read isn’t the greatest sign.  On the phone with my husband he was getting frustrated with me that I was still strolling up and down the aisles of Target getting who knows what.  (isn’t that always the case at Target? How the heck do they do it?) I headed home and sure enough the next couple of hours were pretty much the same.  Did I call the doc?  No… Did I head to the hospital?  No.  I hopped on the internet of course.  I read that when other people went through this they were just hooked up to an IV because they were dehydrated.  So I got in the bathtub… downed some water and kept counting.  It was getting late… so I got ready for bed… meanwhile… the Hicks were still comin’.  Hubbs was like, “maybe we should just go to the hospital.”  At that point I just decided… nope… I’m not goin… I just washed my face!! I pictured myself having to re-do my makeup and get ready to go and decided screw that!  Lol…   Obviously all is well and baby didn’t come pushing her way out so PHEEEWWWW!  And yes… I know I probably should have aired on the side of caution… but I didn’t sooooooooo …


What that did do is push my ass to get in gear and finish packing my dang hospital bag.  Also, the nursery has been in shambles!!!  I mean… it looked like a tornado of baby toys, clothes, boxes and crap exploded.  Since I was a little freaked out she could be here before I know it I decided to finally open and assemble all of the wonderful gifts our friends got us from the baby shower… put away all of baby girl’s newly laundered clothes and finally organize what will be our wee one’s bedroom.  Meanwhile my husband was downstairs watching football.  I’m not sure if I thought he could magically read my mind or what but I was increasingly getting irritated at the fact that he wasn’t helping.  Keep in mind… I am 100% sure he actually had no idea what I was doing… STILL… I WAS GETTING SO ANNOYED lol.  After battling the boxes of baby goodies with 10,000 zip ties, struggling to put together our stupid Rock’n’play sleeper and a butt load of other things that I assure you are totally necessary he strolled upstairs to find me on the floor in a half cleaned nursery.  He then says to me, “Awww babe… I think you are nesting.”  I looked up at him and simply said, “Call it what you will fool… all I know is this nursery isn’t gonna clean itself… and these dumb dooo-dads aren’t gonna put themselves together for pete’s sake!”  Now that I think of it… it was probably a good thing he wasn’t upstairs when I was organizing and assembling… I think I needed that time… to nest… hahahahaha.