Here’s where we get technical.  I am 36 weeks preggs… but my due date is the 26th… which means technically I am 36.5 weeks along… in any case there’s about 20 ish days… DAYS… until baby girl is predicted to arrive!  DAYS!!!!!  We are no longer really counting the weeks… I mean… in less than a month, I will have a baby!!! THAT’S CRAZY!!!!  Baby girl is somewhere around 6 lbs… and most of her systems are all a go but a few of them still need some fine tuning such as her digestive system.  Mostly baby is continuing to fatten up and develop in the comfort of my womb.


While baby girl is comfortable in her safe place… I am getting increasingly uncomfortable.  I have been asked quite often lately, “Are you just so ready to pop?”  My answer to that is, “No not really!!! While, yesss…. I feel like a fat cow… and I am sooo uncomfortable it’s occasionally painful … I am still not totally prepared for baby to be here!!! So I think I’ll continue to suck it up and be thankful baby is still in utero.”   The Braxton Hicks are getting stronger and stronger but still very sporadic so I don’t think there’s anything to really worry about there.  As far as how I have been feeling… I suppose I will say not fantastic… here comes the complaints… I will apologize ahead of time here…  my back is killing me… my feet hurt…  and it’s almost impossible to sleep these days.   There is one pregnancy blog that said, “this week you may be experiencing less heartburn as baby starts to drop.”  That is a load of crap in my case… I think I have actually been having more heartburn… and it’s been more intense too.  Come to think of it… maybe I am ready to just get her out!! Haha.


On the positive note, baby’s nursery is alllllmmmooossst done, there’s just a few finishing touches I need to put on it to call it a day.  I am super excited about how it’s coming together though!!!  When it’s done I will definitely share pics. Slowly but surely things are falling in to place.  I have the hospital bag packed… although it’s just sitting in my hallway so I am not sure what good it will do there!  I shall move it to the car later today.


The biggest task I’d like to accomplish before she gets here is to finish the sleep training book… man I really do not enjoy reading!  It’s super important to hubbs and myself to get baby on a good sleep/wake schedule that has consistency so the whole reading thing is just something else I have to suck up and deal with as well.


ALL I KNOW… is if we weren’t already in the home stretch… we really are now!!!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!