14 days till my due date… which means there’s only 2 weeks to go… which means somewhere my calculations have been off this whole time and I am actually further along than even I thought!!! WAAAHOOOOOO!!!! So while this would be the week where I talk about what happens at 37 weeks… NO… I will NOT… because really I am 38 weeks, TOP THAT!!!! Lol.     I have 2 weeks till I am due which means we are considered FULL TERM NOW!!!! Who the heck knows how heavy our lil’ baby girl is… somewhere around 6.5-7 ish pounds is what the blogs estimate.  The crazy thing is… we will soon find out!!!! Her lungs are really the only thing that isn’t quite ready yet but from what I hear those bad boys don’t really get ready till they see the light of day… errrr… you know… experience air outside of the womb. 


I have been increasingly more and more uncomfortable… in turn I have become increasingly more impatient.  I wanted to start doing all the old wives tales that supposedly kick your body into high gear and begin the labor process!! The other night I decided to get some spicy food from pei wei… posted the pic on instagram and some people seemed disappointed that I would even attempt to get this baby to start moving before 40 weeks.  Yes… my motivation is selfish… this cute lil’ babe growing inside me has had reign on my body a weeeee bit too long… lol!!! I (SELFISHLY) am over the whole sharing of my belly thing.  Of course I want her to be healthy… of course I want her to come out on her own accord… of course!!! BUT… that doesn’t change the fact that I would really lovvvveeee to be able to put my dang shoes on without performing some sort of cirque du soliel move… I would reeeeaaaaalllly love to be able to breathe again… and I would reeeaaaaallllyyyy love to be able to sleep on my back again!!! Having said all that… I know right now whatever I do… I am at her mercy… I must wait… and wait… and wait… until our little girl is really ready to come and meet us.


It’s funny… throughout this pregnancy journey lots of people have told me all sorts of things.  Usually it starts with a question of “have you… yet?”  if the answer is yes, we automatically have LOTS to chat about… if my answer is no… I get the “JUST WAIT.”  And most of the “JUST WAITS” have come totally true.  For instance… last week…my mind was set on keeping this baby in my belly as looonnnnggg as possible.  Sure enough I got the “JUST WAIT” and sure enough in just ONE WEEK… my mind has compleeeeeetly flipped!!!    I almost feel like I am a part of a new club or something!!   It’s pretty neat.  Yes… I just used the word “NEAT” … NEAAAAAT O GANG!!!!!


For the most part the nursery is ready… there are a few small details that I need to square away but who knows when I will get those done so here are the pics as promised!!!