I have to say in all honesty I reeeeaaaalllly didn’t think that I would still be pregnant at this point.  I honestly thought our little girl would have been here already.  I know I know… pregnancy is 40 weeks… and you want baby in there as long as possible blah blah blah… I suppose when they say it’s safe to give birth in most cases at 36 weeks, I had wishful thinking.  Right now baby girl is or most likely is around 7 lbs.  she is like a watermelon hanging out in mah belly.  At this point… she is really just in there fattening up… the rest of her development in her lungs and all will happen outside the womb… you hear that kid?!??! THE REST HAPPENS OUTSIDE THE WOMB!!! 


I got sooooo stinken excited after my OB appointment on Friday.  Last week I was told I was nowhere near being dilated…. Then low and behold… Friday rolls around and she checked me out and guess what?!?!?!?  She said I was sooo different than last week!!! We have progress people!!! I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! It’s not much, but to me… all I heard was… the process has begun!!! WAHOOO.  I asked where that leaves us and was told… that means it could happen this weekend or 2 weeks… no real estimate.  Since I am here right now… clearly it didn’t happen on the weekend. 


I have begun taking the advice of everyone on how to possibly begin nudging her to make her decision to come out come out wherever you are!!!  I ate spicy food, I got a foot massage, I have been eating pineapple, and yes… the advice that was given the most… I did that too…  I punched the monkey with hubbs.  STILL>>>> NOTHING. Baby girl is extreeeeeeemly comfy in there… a little toooo comfy lol.  She is on her own schedule and I know she will come out when she is ready. 


One of those things I talked about last week where people say to me “Just Wait” was after I express that I am kinda tired of being preggs… and I feel like I have been pregnant foreeeevvver.  I got the “Just WAIT… you will miss being pregnant.”  Although I really don’t know till I get there… that may be the ONE “JUST WAIT” that I won’t be able to agree with lol.  It’s almost become an inside joke with my hubby.  Every time I am in pain… every time I can’t sit up by myself… every time I feel miserable… we say, “I’ll really miss this.” LOL. 


While I readily admit I am super uncomfortable and I probably complain too much.  I also know this wee one in my womb really is a miracle.  I feel super blessed to be able to carry this babe.  I know there are so many people who have difficulties or just don’t have the ability to carry a child.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful when I am in my moods, I really am extremely thankful and soooo excited to meet this little girl.