Before the awards and the accolades, every actor has to get his or her start somewhere. To that end, the Huffington Post has rounded up 15 of today's hottest Hollywood stars and dug up the TV commercials they shot way back in the '90s, before they got their big breaks. Here are several acting gigs of the not-yet-famous that you won't believe (check the link for the full list):


  • Joseph Gordon Levitt shot a Pop-Tarts ad.
  • Sofia Vergara did a Pepsi commercial (then later became a famous Pepsi spokesperson).
  • Aaron Paul shot a 1-800-COLLECT ad--with Mr. T, no less!
  • Mila Kunis starred in a spot for Glitter Hair Barbie.
  • Amy Adams shot an ad for Commercial Federal Bank that was an elaborate parody of Grease.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio did a Kraft cheese ad.
  • James Franco did a commercial for Pizza Hut.
  • Rashida Jones appeared in a Gap spot in which a bunch of melancholy-looking adolescents sang "Mellow Yellow."
  • Seth Green did a spot for Nerf.
  • Jared Leto shilled Noxzema.