1. He has a temper--After being arrested at Justin Bieber's home, Lil Za was taken to the police station where he smashed a phone against a wall and caused $400 worth of damage. That earned him a felony vandalism charge on top of his other issues.

2. He and Justin have been friends for at least one year--Lil Za was caught on camera cruising around in Justin's white Ferrari last year. This is proof that Za likes babysitting luxury sports cars.

3. He was with Bieber and Lil Twist during Potgate and Sizzurp Scandal--When photos of Justin holding a suspicious-looking cigarette hit the web last year, he was in a hotel room with Za and another friend, Twist. Just months later, Za played dumb when he was asked about a sizzurp incident that involved Justin, Twist, and Za posing with what looked like joints and two sets of double cups — a popular way to drink codeine, aka "sizzurp.").

4. He considers himself to be a rapper—He did post one rap song, called "Gangster S--t" on YouTube back in 2012. It's unclear whether he's still working on his music.

5. If the rap thing doesn't work out, he would be open to doing reality TV—Last year, Za and his brother, Lil Twist, were shopping a reality show, which they said may or may not involve Justin Bieber. According to Za, the show was going to focus on Twist and his music.