Here are eight things to expect from Miley Cyrus' North American Bangerz tour, which kicks off February 14th:

1. Feast your eyes on a massive screen—Miley said, "That's something I've actually had to fight for a little bit. It isn't the easiest thing to travel with in the space that we're using, and in some of the cities, my screen is actually too large, each city is going to be the biggest that it can be, and the best that their arena will allow us to have. Everything will always feel big, some of the stuff we're doing is so dope."

2. Look out for more of her four-legged friends--Miley said, "Our whole tour is literally based on animals!" Most of the content is especially sketched by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi, including "imaginative animals he's made on his own."

3. Expect more than confetti to fall from the sky--Miley said, "I'm giving lots of junk away. This is my mom's worst nightmare, because I always hoard things from when I go to concerts. All the kids always want to keep the confetti, but I want to give them real things to collect."

4. Self-parodies will make appearances—Miley said, "I don't have a hard time making fun of myself, so the whole thing is making the way people perceive me and doing that even more, be the character myself. That's what I think I've been representing, more than anything, in the past year. Being fun and carefree, and that's really what the show represents. We're definitely bringing some kitties."

5. Less is still more for tour costumes--Each designer was given a different section to outfit Miley for, so look out for looks from Marc Jacobs, The Blonds and Jeremy Scott, as well as archive pieces from Bob Mackie.

6. The concert has no time limit—But the show has a set list that lasts 90 minutes, including an acoustic section. This part of the concert will be made up of acoustic versions of her hits as well as covers, and she can go for as long as she wants, depending on the city and the audience's energy.

7. Special guests are guaranteed—Miley said, "I have friends that worked on my album in all of these cities, so anytime I'm in the same city, I'm definitely gonna drag everybody out."

8. Get ready for girl power--Opening acts Sky Ferreira and Icona Pop were chosen specifically by Miley. She said, "I think it's hard for friends that are in their 20s to be friends with other girls. There's a lot of competition, and what I love about Sky is we've never felt that way: Icona, they had a really good year, and I think they're a band that people can look out to be rising even more."