At 72 years old, Martha Stewart says she hasn't given up on finding Mr. Right, but her friends and relatives claim she ruined her marriage of 26 years by cheating on her ex.

A new book called “Just Desserts” claims that she 'had a hellish marriage of more than a quarter century during which she treated her husband shabbily.’

She demanded he buy her a better engagement ring, kept him waiting at the altar on their wedding day and constantly accused him of being "dumb" or "stupid."

The book claims that Stewart allegedly admitted that she cheated on him while on a business trip, and even offered her husband as a sexual partner to a close friend.

She allegedly told her, "If you can't sleep with your husband, you can sleep with Andy. He's really good. He'll do anything you tell him to. Andy has always been in love with you. You can have him."