Katy Perry's "Prism" album has been declared a biohazard in Australia because of the small packets of seeds that are included with the record.

The album debuted at number one in Australia, but it also became a risk for the country's citizens. The deluxe version of the album is produced overseas and imported into Australia. It contains a small packet of seeds that which the Department of Agriculture is calling a potential biosecurity concern. There are strict laws to make sure there aren't any non-native plant materials entering the country.

A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture said that if an international version of the album is found, a biosecurity officer will have to inspect it and "assess the level of risk." It could also be confiscated by Australian border control officials.

The local version of the set that's produced in Australia contains seeds from the western part of the country and are considered harmless.

Katy included the seeds with her album to encourage fans to "plant to spread the light!"