Madonna recently split from Brahim Zaibat and now, she's dating 26-year-old Dutch backup dancer Timor Steffens.

Madonna debuted Timor at designer Rudolph Valentino‘s private New Year's Eve Party in Switzerland.

A source said: "The chemistry between Madonna and Timor was pretty intense. Some people at the party were whispering about how Madonna had just broken up with her ex, and now she's already with a new guy. It's that kind of crowd. Plus, you can't really ignore the fact that Timor is so much younger than Madonna. I mean, he's basically a replacement for her ex. He looks just like Brahim. Madonna didn't give a f*ck that people were whispering! She was really showing him off, drinking and dancing with him all over the place."

Timor and Madonna have been working together on a dance project for months and so he was an easy choice for a rebound.

The source said: "It was obvious he was already close to all her kids, especially Rocco. They spent a lot of the night on New Year's joking around with each other. Madonna was even hinting to people that one of the reasons she likes Timor so much is because he's a natural with her children. She isn't really the type to come out and say something like that, but it was obvious. She had a little smile on her face whenever she watched Timor goofing around with Rocco and the other kids. Madonna was really trying to make sure that her kids were comfortable and having fun too. Even if he is just a boy toy, he was pretty confident and charismatic. He'll be able to handle the pressure."