Nathan Lane spoke about the death of Robin Williams, his costar in the 1996 movie “The Birdcage.”

Lane tells CBS 2 NY:  

“Nobody was more kind or generous, and he was the most compassionate and sensitive soul — I mean, obviously, funny, and you know; an entertaining person to be around.

“He was an extraordinary intellect. The way his mind worked, you know, should have been studied in laboratories.”

Williams committed suicide on Aug 11th.

Lane added, “I’ve been very sad. It’s hard to talk about. The heartbreaking thing is the notion that he was in such pain and despair that he felt that was the only way out, and I hate thinking about that.”

Lane said the memories of Williams’ talent will live on.

“The way Billy Crystal said — there are no words. I’m just — it’s very sad and yet, I think that all we can do is just remember him as the genius he was and what he left behind.”