Finally, John Stamos is looking his age.

The famously youthful Full House star, 50, took to Instagram Sunday night to show off his handsome face adorned with a bald cap.

Stamos's legions of fans probably don't mind: With his smoldering glare, the effect is more Yul Brynner than John Malkovitch.

The hairless picture serves as a humorous contrast to a vintage picture Stamos posted in January, a '90s-era photo shoot in which the actor shows off his rocker locks – alongside a bald chest.

"Photo sessions in the '90s. They didn't let us wear shirts," Stamos wrote in the caption.

Both photos are part of a recent social media publicity blitz as the actor promotes both a promised Full House reunion and an Oikos Greek Yogurt commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, featuring costar cameos from the popular '90s sitcom.