The Real Haunted Tucson

Who would have thought that Tucson was full of haunted places all over town?? There's probably even a ghost right behind you! 

Here are a few haunted places around Tucson! 

1) St. Mary's Hospital has allegedly had reports of a Ghost Nun who roams the halls. This ghost is said to help suffering patents by alerting the staff. 

2) Ghost reported to be seen inside the historic Rialto Theater. 

3) Employees have reportedly seen objects move by themselves inside the Fox Theater. People are said to have seen a ghostly figure outside of the theater as well. 

4) The Hotel Congress is famously known for its ghost sightings. Guest have reported seeing shadows inside the hotel. Rooms 214 and 242 in particular. 

5) Visitors at Centennial Hall have allegedly been pushed down the stairs...BY GHOST! 

6) Ghosts of small children are said to roam the halls of Tucson Medical Center. These ghosts have been known to pull hair and whisper in peoples ears. 

7) San Xavier Mission is allegedly home to the ghost of a nun and some small children, all victims of a schoolhouse fire years ago. 

8) Many spirits have reportedly been seen inside Slaughterhouse. Ghost of slaughtered animals have been said to roam the halls at night. 

9) A student allegedly committed suicide inside a Tucson High classroom. Students and teachers have reported hearing loud noises and feeling cold spots throughout the school. 

10) The auditorium of Desert View High School is rumored to be haunted. A student allegedly committed suicide in the orchestra. Students now claim the temperature in the auditorium is uncontrollably cold. 

11) The iHeartMedia Tucson building is haunted. Many employees, including KRQ's D-Wayne Chavez, have seen shadows in the building late at night. A ghostly face can be seen in the picture above. 

Did we miss any? Let us know!!!

Photo Credit: Chris Garay

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