The Most Historic Restaurant In Arizona

They say that if walls could talk, some of America's oldest restaurants would have some incredible stories to tell. Some of these restaurants have been around for decades, maybe even longer than you've been alive. They've become more than just a place to grab a bite — they're an integral part of every state's own history. That's why LoveFood compiled a list of the most historic restaurant in every state.

"New restaurants, trends and flash-in-the-pan food fads are all well and good, but when a restaurant has been around for a hundred years or so it suggests something special. These restaurants are some of America’s oldest and most historic – timeless classics that have hosted generations of diners and are still making an impact on dining scenes today," the food site said about its list. "From saloons with a colorful past to characterful inns steeped in tradition, eating at these historic spots is like stepping back in time."

In Arizona, the most historic restaurant is El Charro Café in Tucson. Here's what LoveFood said to back up its decision:

El Charro isn’t the oldest restaurant in Arizona but it earns a special distinction by being the oldest Mexican restaurant in the US to be continuously run by the same family. Monica Flin opened this place in 1922 and legend has it that she also invented the chimichanga after accidentally dropping a burrito in the deep fryer. The restaurant now has several outposts, but the original downtown Tucson location is the place to visit for all the truly nostalgic feels.

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