The Best Road Trip In Arizona Is An Unforgettable Experience

What else are wheels made for but road trip adventures

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The perfect road trip is more than a journey from point A to B. Hidden between open highways and scenic landscapes are unexpected discoveries — promising freedom, spontaneity and a unique mix of experiences that unfold mile by mile. Whether chasing sunsets or exploring hidden gems, road trips epitomize the very essence of travel and the joy of the journey itself.

24/7 Tempo identified the best road trip in every state in the country:

"It would take a lifetime to explore the 3.8 million square miles of land in the United States. From the high alpine peaks of Alaska to the deserts of the Southwest to the mangrove forests of Florida, the unique bioregions and ecosystems in this country each have spectacular sights to offer.
If you’re trying to plan your next domestic trip and can’t decide where to go, we’ve got you covered. To determine the best road trip in every state, 24/7 Tempo pored over National Park Service sites, travel sites, and state tourism sites, coming up with a range of trips to satisfy all variety of travelers. 
The natural beauty of many states is highlighted in the plethora of parks, scenic drives, and overlooks that punctuate these trips. Waterfalls, oceanside cliffs, rugged mountain peaks, and red rock canyons are just a few of the geological features to explore. However, some states offer a focus on history, sports, or music."

In Arizona, it’s recommended to take the 302-mile route from Prescott to Marble Canyon:

“In Prescott, learn about pioneer history at the Sharlot Hall Museum and see artifacts at the Museum of Indigenous People. Then, take the scenic route through the Black Hills and stop for lunch in the historic mining town of Jerome, which is built into a steep mountainside and boasts 100 mile views. Head onward to Sedona for stunning red rock formations and take advantage of the dining and night life in Flagstaff before peering over the south rim of the Grand Canyon and ending your journey at the picturesque Marble Canyon.”

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