Marvel Looking for Latino Actor to Star in a Disney+ Halloween Special


Photo: Getty Images

Wepaaaa! Marvel Studios is looking for a Latino actor to star in a Disney+ Halloween special.

The one-off could be based on ‘Werewolf by Night’, a story in the Marvel comic book universe. There are two possible characters this scouted Latino actor would play. The first is Jack Russell, whose family has a history of werewolf life but he uses his power for good. The second character is Jake Gomez, written as a descendant of the Native American Hopi tribe who has the same curse through his bloodline.

I really hope this special gives us the smallest mention of the legendary chupacabra. Latino folklore tells of the dog/alien-like creature that sucks the blood of livestock and, if you're my brothers telling the story, small children.

The Marvel special will start filming in early 2022.

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