Steve from Blue's Clues Apologizes for Creating Abadonment Issues

Josh Dela Cruz And Steve Burns Light The Empire State Building Blue In Celebration Of Blue's Clues 25th Anniversary

Photo: Getty Images

Steve Burns, the original host of Blue's Clues, shared a sweet message for the grown millennial fans who needed some closure after his exit from the show.

Steve was the loveable host from the show's creation in 1996 until 2002. During his farewell episode, he told the audience he was going off to college (he really was) but his brother Joe was our new bestie to find clues and sing the mail song.

It's okay to cry after watching it because most of us did. I didn't even watch Blue's Clues (my parents thought cable was evil) but his message is incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

The fan reaction is proof that there were underlying abandonment issues within grown millennials. Emotions are EVERYWHERE.

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